The Concept

So here's the concept. We like Poutine. We like Poutine ALOT. We also like funky fare. So we bought a truck and here we are. Simple.

Well, not quite that simple. We spent months perfecting recipes, we spent months finding the perfect truck with the perfect layout that we designed so your food is fresh, funky AND fast.

Our concept is simple. Give our customers what they want, using the freshest and highest quality ingredients and we have a winning food truck business. Our motto: Bringing Fine Fare in a Funky Way to our Friends.

Our Poutines


The Flying Potato serves our signature fries and Poutine which are hand-cut daily from local farmers. We form partnerships with all of our farmers to ensure we get the best crop from them, everytime. Not only that............. we blanch our fries in water first (yes, water!!!)..... instead of oil. Is it a pain to do that? Yup, everytime............ BUT................ blanching in water first and finishing in oil is what makes our Spuds fluffy and soft on the inside while crisp and golden on the outside..... YUM!


After our Potatoes are cooked and still hot from the fryer, they are tossed in our secret blend of herbs and spices to enhance the taste and give you that unique Funky Spud experience.


Our gravy is a signature secret as well, but we will give you a hint...... beer, (with the alcohol cooked out of it of course)........... there............ that's all were saying. From time to time we make other gravies too, such as a  Madagascar Green Peppercorn, El Diablo (made with various hot peppers such as scotch bonnets and habaneros) and even a lobster Gravy to go with our Lobster and Brie Cheese Poutine that we put on from time to time...(patent-pending) Follow us on Twitter to find out what Funky Poutine creation we came up with today.


We are told that real Poutine is only made from Cheese Curds made in the Eastern Townships of Quebec and that anything else is not authentic Poutine. Well, were not food snobs, so come out and try any one of our cheeses on your Poutine INCLUDING Cheese Curds made in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

50% off Poutine for Life

Show us a tattoo of our logo anywhere on your body and get 50% off your Poutine FOR LIFE! (Hey, if your gonna commit to us by showcasing some fine body art, 50% off is the least we can do!!!

Funky Fare

No Grill Here, Only Griddles

Many people think the best burger, handheld sandwich, or entree is cooked on a grill.............. many people are wrong!!!! The key to a good burger, handheld sandwich, or entree is by creating the “crust” that forms on the meat from a griddle. Not only is the crust  flavour country, it allows the meat to cook in its own juices (a.k.a. A fat bath). Yum!

We make all our potatoes, burgers, handheld sandwiches and entrees and toppings from scratch everyday. We have signature burgers, handhelds, and entrees that we offer daily, and also create new specials daily depending on what is seasonal and local.

Who knows what today's funky fare is going to be!!!